Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rain & Food

Can you believe it?! Rain!  We really, actually, truly got rain!  And I mean real rain.  We got the kind of rain that soaks your clothes through down to the skin in moments.  We have not felt moisture like this in months.  I honestly can't really believe my eyes after so much time spent in the dusty, dry heat of this summer's drought.  But, true blue... it's pouring out there.

The fire I mentioned yesterday has been mostly contained and is being extinguished by this miraculous deluge.  Truth be told, I am not a lover of rain.  In fact, I kind of can't stand it.  But I have never been so grateful in my life for a downpour such as we've had today.  It's amazing watching the rain forest come alive again.  Thank you, rain.  Thank you, winds, for bringing the heavy moisture our area has so badly needed.  Wow.  It's like the entire bioregion is breathing a sigh of relief.

And with the grey, wet weather came a day focused on food.  Today was about staying cozy, making yogurt and cheese for now, and breaded eggplant and canned tomatoes for later (and a very quick and simple sheep shelter). 

With this hot, dry summer we've had, we were actually able to grow a good amount of eggplants even without a greenhouse.  Our favorite way to consume eggplant is via Eggplant Parmesan.  So... when we get a bountiful harvest, we slice them thin, bread and fry them and then freeze them for later use.  And what better to put up along side one's future eggplant parm?  Why, crushed tomatoes, of course!  And when the fridge has more milk than you can possibly drink, then yogurt and cheese it is.

And what would a stormy afternoon be without a good puzzle with papa?  Tomorrow promises more rain and, therefore, more time in the kitchen.  I think we'll be on to more tomatoes, pickled string beans, perhaps some mozzarella and kale chips!  Nothing like a rainy day to get me in the mood to hover over a steamy stove.  


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