Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mountain of Dreams

A week ago I dumped and mixed 45 pounds of seed in my trusty, rusty old wheelbarrow.  A veritable mountain of dreams took shape in the gaping maw of that rickety work horse....

 The dream of a pasture of our own took shape right before my eyes.  Now I look on in hopeful wonder and watch carefully as the tiny green sprouts rooted in passion reach for the light.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I'm in a funk.  A slump.  A rut.  The proverbial dark cloud.  The embodiment of ugh.

And honestly, I've no right to be....

We have just returned from a wonderful family vacation to Northern California.  My children are all happy and healthy.  The tomatoes are up to my waist and loaded with flowers.  Some even have tiny fruit.  The calendula patch is bursting with flowers.  The first round of harvest is even in the dehydrator as I type this.  The raspberry thicket is abuzz with thousands of bees (of both the honey and bumble persuasion).  The fruit has set on the apple and pear trees.  The chickens are back into their full-blown springtime abundant laying routine.  And the list goes on.

Yet, here I sit.  Grumpy.  Moody.  Gloomy, even.

So... what could possibly be the problem?  I'll tell you.  It's the lack of sun.  I'm so ready for summer and consistently sunny days, I could explode.  The pacific northwest rainforest may be beautiful...  yes, quite beautiful indeed... but, what it is decidedly not is sunny.  I am a tried and true worshiper of said almighty powerful sky being.  Without his golden light, I'm kind of losing my mind. 

After a nice stretch of blue skies in our neck of the woods, followed immediately thereafter by a trip to gloriously sunny Sonoma County California, my psyche is set for sunshine!  NPR just told me to expect consistently cloudy skies with a chance of rain for the foreseeable future as I typed that last sentence - ugh.

Dear Mr. Sun, please come out and play....
Please come and lift my blues away!