Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What we've been up to

Just a quick photo update....

 as many forest walks as we can get in breaks between rains

 working, working, working to get the new pasture area ready to be seeded

 my first awesome date night out with my big kids since Jade was born

 little man helping with the pasture project

 loving the early morning when the sun is still below the clouds
(you gotta take it when you can get it!)

 my little chicken watcher.... hours spent watching chickens every day

 entering the Grand Chapiteau of the Cirque du Soleil

 burning brush from the pasture project

I thought I'd capture the mess that occupies the foot of my bed at the moment, to give a glimps into the world of what occupies my brain at the moment!

All is busy, busy, busy here in our world.  Big progress has been made on the new pasture/garden project.  I can't wait to share more soon!


Friday, February 8, 2013

This Moment

I thought I'd share another {this moment} post with you all this week. 

A true testament to his pacific northwest rainforest upbringing, during a rare winter sunbreak, Jade was utterly confused by the patches of sunlight on the living room floor.  He kept looking at them in sheer bewilderment, reaching down and trying to pick them up. 

Oh, how I long for sunshine!