Monday, October 22, 2012

Around the Homestead


My goodness!  It's hard to find the time to write here.  Life is just so busy!  But, I'm trying to take inspiration from the many spiders around here these days and get back on the writing train.  After a long hiatus, I think I'd like to continue with the "Around the Homestead" posts each Monday.

After a rather hectic and all-over-the-place summer, we are beginning to settle into a nice rhythm this fall.  And it feels so good.  Our days have been full of autumn activities such as splitting and stacking firewood, getting the animals housing and food ready for winter, mushroom hunting, and harvesting apples for cider, applesauce, pies and so much more.  This weekend we'll be planting garlic and building a new mobile chicken coop... can't wait!

splitting, splitting, splitting... and more splitting
and still so much more to go!
Birch and Sarsaparilla have been hunkering down in the barn quite a bit since the rain started.  I'm working to get the barn nice and cozy since they've been spending so much more time there.   
Been enjoying perfecting vegan/gluten-free apple pies this fall.                         
Spending time in the old growth while hunting for mushrooms has been nothing short of divine.
And we are embarking on our annual fall cleaning spree.  I know that most folks do spring cleaning but, around these parts, the major push occurs in the fall.  It feels most needed when the weather turns cold and wet and we begin spending more time inside.  There's an undeniable need to massively clean house... and purge, purge, purge!

It feels SO good to be pushing things out the door.  It's downright amazing (and ridiculous) how much stuff amasses.

So, here's to autumn, spiders, writing, and getting rid of stuff....  Cheers!